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    Post by MusicSourcerer on Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:20 am

    Ripped directly from the CD. So throw away your shitty mp3 versions Very Happy

    1. Storaged
    2. Marmalade
    3. Will They Die 4 U? (with Puff Daddy, Mase & Lil Kim)
    4. Know (demo)
    5. War? (demo)
    6. Peephole (demo)
    7. Honey (live)
    8. Temper (live)
    9. Chick-n-Stew (live)
    10. CUBert (live)
    11. Snowblind/Dam (live)
    12. Dam (demo)
    13. I'm With Stupid (Static-X live with Shavo)
    14. War? (live with Lynn Strait from Snot)
    15. Cars (Numan) (Fear Factory live with Serj Tankian)
    16. Spiders (live on Conan O'Brien)
    17. X (live)
    18. Metro (live)
    19. Suggestions (live)
    20. Suite-Pee (live)
    21. Ddevil (live)
    22. Sugar (live)
    23. Darts (live)

    A compilation of bonus tracks, demos, guest appearances and live tracks. The sound quality varies immensely - whilst, for example, the opening two songs are bonus tracks from the first album and thus of studio quality, some of the live stuff sounds appalling. It's probably been recorded T.A.O. - less of an issue than with an unedited live gig, as the tracks don't flow smoothly anyway. In fact, the transitions are noticably rough in places.

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