Opeth: 2008-12-07 - Vienna, Austria - Arena [flac]


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    Opeth: 2008-12-07 - Vienna, Austria - Arena [flac] Empty Opeth: 2008-12-07 - Vienna, Austria - Arena [flac]

    Post by sml on Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:58 pm

    Venue: Arena, Vienna, Austria
    Date: 07 December 2008
    Taper: mrruin
    Source: Audience
    Transfer: AT U853c (DIN) > 3wire BB > Church Audio ST-9100 preamp v2.0 > R09 24bit 48kHz, line in > fades, track edits, downsampling, a little mastering> flac level 8
    Sound Quality: very good
    Position: center, 4m in front of board

    01 Intro
    02 Heir Apparent
    03 The Grand Conjuration
    04 Godhead's Lament
    05 The Lotus Eater
    06 Hope Leaves
    07 Deliverance
    08 Demon Of The Fall
    09 Hessian Peel & Harvest teaser
    10 The Drapery Falls

    Running Time: about 1 hour 34 minutes

    megaupload.com 3KKF50YZ
    megaupload.com LMP2V50I
    megaupload.com LTL7M91E

    **If you HAVE to convert to mp3 do it in a HIGH (320kbps) bitrate**
    **Please respect the taper and do not distribute without the info.txt file!**

    Show Notes:
    Another wonderful show by Stockholm's finest! While a bit short in length Mikael did not disappoint with his entertaining antics. It started with him coming onto the stage wearing a Conan the babarian shirt and stopped with the shocking revelation that Windowpane is a song about hot dogs :-) .Other important facts revealed tonight: A clean toilet is a luxury, Arnold is an average actor, Steven Wilson laughed when Mikael recorded vocals to "Harvest", Mikael is in fact the guy speaking before "The Number Of The Beast" and much more. Don't miss it! Great active and lively (not talkative) crowd, perfect vibe and atmosphere.

    The recording turned out way better than the sound in the venue felt. The start was a bit sloppy by the sound engineer and Mikaels vocals remain a bit distant throughout the whole show. Great show and excellent entertainment. Enjoy.

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