SoaD - 2005 December 10th - Universal City, CA - Gibson A.


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    SoaD - 2005 December 10th - Universal City, CA - Gibson A. Empty SoaD - 2005 December 10th - Universal City, CA - Gibson A.

    Post by MusicSourcerer on Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:23 am

    KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas(source 2)
    Gibson Amphitheatre

    SOURCE: radio broadcast (106.7 KROQ FM Pasadena/Los Angeles)
    LINEAGE: Recoton FM100 antenna > Gemini TV-Matching Transformer Model CV 70 > Carver FM Stereo Tuner Model TX-11 > shielded RCA to miniplug cable > Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum (line in) > CD Wave 1.94.4 beta (WAV [16/44.1], tracking) > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (flac 1.1.2)(Verify)(Replaygain, Treat input files as one album) > FLAC (lvl 6)
    RECORDED BY: Mike J. (slightreturn at gmail dot com) (12 December 2005)



    01) interview > stage introduction [1:49.55]
    02) B.Y.O.B. [4:34.60]
    03) Hypnotize [3:13.11]
    04) Psycho [4:15.63]
    05) Chop Suey [3:06.05]
    06) Lonely Day [2:42.06]
    07) Cigaro [2:15.57]
    08 ) Question! [4:04.11]
    09) Lost In Hollywood [5:14.05]
    10) Aerials [3:49.03]
    11) Toxicity [3:54.20]
    12) Sugar [2:38.22]

    total: 41:37.18

    part 1 ?ffwgarn1ujm
    part 2 ?byc1mxurwbc
    part 3 ?00i3xzxnynx

    MP3(320 vbr)

    This show is incomplete read why from the tapers Notes:

    NOTES: This was unexpected, as I didn't think KROQ broadcast their concerts anymore. I was partially right; they don't broadcast them live anymore. They do the video webcasts in place of live broadcasts, and those aren't even live. Anyhow, I don't know how much preceded when I began to record right at 10:00 PM PST on the dot. I don't know if anything was played from the 11th, as all the bands I heard were from the first night. As a warning, all profanity has been distorted in that way that only FM radio can do. Obviously, none of these performances are complete, but they're better than nothing.
    Instead of normalizing the wav file, I added Replaygain. I encoded the files seperately for each band, so the Replaygain will be different for each set. However, since this is an FM broadcast of loud music, this probably won't make much difference anyhow. I've added tags to each file with foobar2000 v0.8.3. FLAC fingerprint file created with FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (flac 1.1.2). MD5 fingerprint file created with Trader's Little Helper V1.0.0 Beta-1 (Build 72). All four sets combined are a couple of minutes over 80 minutes, so if you want, you can eliminate the interviews to fit it on an 80 minute disc. Just don't trade or distribute it after doing that.
    In the setlist above, I left the performances in the order they appeared in the rebroadcast. On the actual night, the following was the correct order for all the bands from first up to last:
    -Rise Against
    -Avenged Sevenfold
    -Fall Out Boy
    -Nine Inch Nails
    -System Of A Down

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